The ISBerne Wednesday Afternoon English Program

ISberne is known for it’s programs that contribute to the local community. This video segment features Ulli Warren and Theresa Buehlmann, who teach English, on Wednesday afternoons at ISBerne, to students who already possess a level of spoken English but are enroled in the local swiss school system.

If you are interested in enroling in the Community English Programme, see our school website for more information:

An ISBerne 5th grade student explores electric cars

Noah Lofthouse, a 5th grade student at ISBerne, researched electric cars for his end-of-year exhibition. In this video segment, he is interviewed by Ms. Deirdre Coghlan, Communication Coordinator at ISBerne.



An ISBerne captured moment/ The IB Programme

A quick update on the ISBerne International Baccalaureate Programme

ISBerne CAS project in Morocco

The IB Diploma Programme includes the development of a personal commitment to life-long global citizenship. At ISBerne, all students, IB and non-IB, are required to complete the Service element of CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) in order to receive a diploma. Rather than looking at global service as an abstract academic discussion, the CAS Programme at ISBerne provides actual field experience in working with local projects in remote locations. In my long experience with NGOs, I’ve found that there are 2 kinds of people working there: those who sit in offices and discuss socio-economic problems in the theoretical…and those who go out and work in the field with the heat and bugs. 🙂 

-Richard Lakin

In this segment, students recount the experience of working at a school in Morocco.


Mary’s Meals

One of the things that I’ve often seen in my travels for NGOs in the developing world is children not being able to attend the local schools because the family can’t provide food for the child during the school day. Many people in the industrialized nations don’t realize that this is a major factor in the lack of education in impoverished communities. Mary’s Meals provides food on the school premises in areas where hunger prevents children from getting an education. As part of the IB tenet of global citizenship, ISBerne students and faculty are involved in a variety of global service projects. As someone who has seen poverty and the lack of access to basic education up close and on an international scale, I applaud the many efforts at ISBerne to better the human condition.

-Richard Lakin

An ISBerne captured moment/ The Early Learning Centre

ISBerne’s International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), for students aged 3-11, sets the foundation for a positive attitude toward learning by developing a child’s natural inquisitiveness and introducing to them an international curriculum & perspective at an early age. In this ISBerne captured moment, we get a sense of the enriching environment at the ELC.

An ISBerne parent profile: quantifying climate change

Melinda Tignor moved with her family from Colorado to take a position as the Director of Operations for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group I Technical Support Unit, located at the University of Bern. She’s also the mom of Cyrus, a second grader at ISBerne’s primary school. Cyrus started in the Early Learning Center, and has his own take on climate change issues.

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