Parent Teacher Conferences

Today parents have been moving across our school campus to engage with teachers in our first Conference of the year. These Conferences offer the opportunity to reflect on student progress through these first months, and, for many of our students, to reflect on the significant changes they have experienced. These may include moving into new programmes, such as the Diploma or Grade 6, or moving schools for the first time, or …

However, the greatest value of these Conferences is the way in which they may be used to support future success. We should reflect on conversations that indicate what has worked well for our children, and how to leverage this into other areas. These successes may arise from building positive social relationships, or engaging in a particular academic area of interest, or having the opportunity to participate in team sports. Whatever the driver may be, using this information in a proactive manner to support further success is the key to actively engaged students. We understand that reports indicate relative successes, and recognize that we all have strengths that are greater in some areas than others. What can we do, as a learning community, to use this information to ensure future growth?

One possible option is to define what future ‘stretch’ goals might be. The idea of a stretch goal is to encourage us to take measured risks in moving us out of our comfort zones. An analogy might well be how I see the upcoming ski season. What would I like to accomplish by the end of the season? Is this a reasonable goal? What steps do I need in place to facilitate success? If I break the timeframe into manageable chunks, what are the sub-set of goals that scaffold my success? Who do I need to call on for help?

I trust you have enjoyed the day, that we have shared insights on your children, our students, and that conversations begun today will continue, positively, through the course of the year.

Richard Swart


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