preparing for a career in the visual arts

The International Baccalaureate Diploma programme at ISBerne requires students to pursue a well-rounded education, including a significant art project in their senior year. For students who plan a career in a creative field, this also provides a good preparation for a university fine arts curriculum.

An ISBerne captured moment: “the art project”

This year, we’re looking for video clips that show life at ISBerne from your viewpoint. Use your cell phones, tablets, laptops and send us “An ISBerne captured moment.” Send us your videos of: sporting events, after-school activities, conversations with friends on the tram, thoughts you have about projects that you’re working on, field trips, ski trips, life in Berne…whatever…just be respectful to everyone, of course. Short clips similar to Vine posts are OK. Be creative. If we get a lot of submissions, we’ll put together a year-end video of the best content. Not only will your classmates see it, but the whole world will, too. Look at the site visitors map in the right hand column of this blog. Your video will have a global audience. Please submit them to Ms. Coghlan.

In this first ISBerne captured moment, art teacher Mr. Tom Sunthornwat assists a student with the mechanics of her senior art project.

The ISBerne social media project hits 10,000 page views!


The ISberne blog has logged over 10,000 page views since just a few weeks before Thanksgiving of 2012, and has had visitors from 87 countries around the world. We want to thank you for your support and submissions. If you haven’t already, we hope that you’ll sign up as a follower, and we welcome editorials from the ISBerne community: parents, students, and faculty. Our archive of posts details many of the programs at our school: art, music, International Baccalaureate, pre-K curriculum, sports, and community service to name just a few, so we encourage you to take a look at our entire selection of content.

And please consider sharing it with your extended community. Each post brings our message to a larger audience and gives students the recognition they deserve.  Like Ossian Perret, Grade 11, whose student-produced video for Billion Rising has had nearly 1900 views! ISBerne is excited to know that thousands of people are learning more about our special school and community.


Check out the site visitor map in the right-hand column to see where the views came from.