Performing Arts Week Begins!

Once again, the PYP is in full swing, creating a performance from concept to stage in one week. During this week, the students are grouped and tasked with one element of the show– costumes, set design, scriptwriting, etc. They are faced with the challenges typically encountered in teamwork. They are learning to work to a deadline, creative brainstorming, to be open to each other’s ideas and accepting gracefully when their choice is not that of the group. These are attributes all adults strive to achieve and these students are taking the challenge in stride!

This year we are following one group through the process. Below you will find a video of the team tasked with set design. Stay tuned for more, and for a video of their final finished performance which will be held at the end of the week!

Below the students have chronicled their progress. Each group reports back what they have done and their reflections on the choices of the group.

Day 1 progress report

Day 1 progress report

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