SGIS volleyball tournament/ Leysin

ISBerne boys and girls volleyball competed at the SGIS (Swiss Group of International Schools) Championship Tournament on Friday and Saturday, 2-3 November, 2012.  We interviewed the team captains and coach Ms. Lollie Simon about being a student athlete, developing leadership abilities, and why it’s important to integrate competitive sports at a small school like ISBerne. Support the teams by “liking” this post!

Physical education that enhances learning skills

In this clip, ISBerne elementary school physical education teacher Lena Lundberg talks about the Perceptual Motor Programme, where students learn to develop skills such as Language, Reading, Writing, Math, Memory, Problem Solving, and PE skills…as well as gain confidence. They do this for 20 minutes each morning through different activities focusing on five spheres for formal learning; Balance, Locomotion, Fitness, Eye-Tracking, Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Coordination.