For the joy of music

This video segment features ISBerne faculty members Christian Stübi, elementary music teacher, and David Ritsema, elementary and secondary music teacher, at a concert this past Sunday night at the Catholic Church of Gurmels (canton of Fribourg). The program was entitled “Hallelujah for the Soul” and included an eclectic repertoire of music, all relating to spirituality in some way…from the enigmatic lyrics of Leonard Cohen to an Argentine folk music-infused composition of  Ariel Ramirez. The audience, that filled the church that night, was engaged and responsive.

Christian is the musical director, conductor and vocal coach of the 38 member choir, which has been performing for nearly 20 years. David was able to pursue his interest in indigenous musical instruments from all over the world in the incredibly lovely Misa Criolla. 

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The ISBerne social media project hits 10,000 page views!


The ISberne blog has logged over 10,000 page views since just a few weeks before Thanksgiving of 2012, and has had visitors from 87 countries around the world. We want to thank you for your support and submissions. If you haven’t already, we hope that you’ll sign up as a follower, and we welcome editorials from the ISBerne community: parents, students, and faculty. Our archive of posts details many of the programs at our school: art, music, International Baccalaureate, pre-K curriculum, sports, and community service to name just a few, so we encourage you to take a look at our entire selection of content.

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Today there was music

Mr David Ritsema comments on the passion, commitment, and goals behind teaching and making music at ISBerne.  Talented students are supported by Mr Ritsema, Mr Christian Stübi and Ms I-Mei Lu.  In today’s post, the music speaks for itself.