Performing Arts Week Day One

This week is Performing Arts Week in the ELC and Elementary School. Each day the children have a task to accomplish to pull together, as a team, the performance that is scheduled for the end of the week. From costume development, to script writing, the teams each have their objectives in view and their work cut out for them.
Day 1 of PYP Performing Arts Week was a Day of becoming an expert, as the mixed grades, Elementary School teams explore such questions as :
What skills does it require to be a narrator?
What does the Maori Culture teach us about dance and movement?
Where is the Matterhorn and what is the folklore associated with it?
What are the colours of Tanzania and Mt Kilimanjaro?
The students know that in order to proceed to their tasks, they first need to research what it is they are expected to do in order to complete their task effectively.
This week requires an enormous amount of planning and collaboration. The children have been learning these concepts throughout the year, but this is the first project where these skills are truly put to the test and utilised across the grades. Even so early on in the project, I have had several students drop by my office to tell me what a unique and wonderful experience this is. 
Stay tuned for more updates during the week!

Can you guess what these are? Come Friday and you will find out!

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