Taking Risks

As an IB school, one of the ‘end product’ attributes we aspire to develop is that of being a risk taker.

By definition, our students are:

Expected to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs.

There have been some wonderful examples of this around the school in the past few weeks, for example;

During the Grade 11 Science Projects, despite the best of well-intentioned planning, our Grade 11 projects may not have always worked as they would have wanted them to during the final presentations: nevertheless, they were prepared to start all over, learn from their errors and identify not just what went wrong but what they succeeded at within their constructions. The mark of true scientific thinkers!

Not quite as expected!

Not quite as expected!

(You may see more photos and videos of the Grade 11 Science Project on our Flickr Page)

The ELC Garden has been transformed into a growing wonderland of flowers, vegetables, fruits and pathways: all due to the hard work , cooperation and commitment of a group of our Grade 8 students. In addition, they volunteered their personal time after school to get the garden looking just how they envisioned it.

ELC Garden transformation nearly complete!

ELC Garden transformation nearly complete!

(You may see more ELC Garden Transformation photos, taken by ISBerne student, Luis Murguia Diaz, on our Flickr page)

Then there were the 70 ISBerne participants in the Berne GP! I had the pleasure of running with a few first-time runners in the 4.7km event this year. The fear of the unknown before they ran the course (ie: where will I run? How will I know when I have finished?) was soon replaced by stamina, enthusiasm and joy as they were cheered along the route by members of the wider Berne community.

Bern Grand Prix 2015

Bern Grand Prix 2015

And finally the PYP students who participated in ISBerne’s Got Talent showcase just this afternoon. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of your peers, teachers and parents and show them all what you’ve got and our students all did an amazing and impressive job at doing just that!

(You may see more photos, courtesey of ISBerne Parent Federique Chambour) and video snippets of the PYP ISBerne’s Got Talent show on our Flickr page.)

All of these events are achievements that you may not see on a report card, but you will certainly see in the human being that develops the risk taking attribute.

Have a great week!


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