ISBerne 5 Year Projection

On Monday, at our staff workshop we shared our major school improvement plans for 2015 – 2020, and I’d like to inform you, the ISBerne community, of the key elements in these plans. I will elaborate on these and other planned areas of development at a parent meeting in the near future:

1. A complete and published K-12 school curriculum for all subject areas (August 2015 – June 2017).

Our current written curriculum covers primarily higher grades and core subjects. A whole school public written curriculum will provide a framework for collaborative initiatives that are the hallmark of a progressive learning community.)

2. Digital Learning Initiatives for Staff (January 2015, ongoing).

ISBerne will provide a series of technology workshops to faculty that will improve opportunities for collaboration amongst staff, provide support for digital initiatives in the classroom and prepare the faculty for the 1:1 programme to be implemented in 2016/17

3. The planned introduction of a 1:1 device programme in the MYP (Upon our move to our new campus 2016/17).

Our current school bandwidth prevents effective use of technology, primarily as a result of the cabling coming into our school from service providers. Our new premises will have an infrastructure to support a bigger digital footprint and greatly enhanced opportunities for the use of technology across all subject areas.

Following the completion of the above three key development points is a range of education initiatives including differentiation, assessment, and feedback (2018-2020).

As should be apparent, each of these steps is a significant undertaking on its own – together they present a focused drive towards school improvement in our most critical area, that of student achievement.

Richard Swart

Director, ISBerne

Richard Swart

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