Berne, Switzerland: a great place to learn, work, and play

While editing this video of Chris Warren, a secondary school teacher at ISBerne, I felt compelled to concur with his observations of life inIMG_1294 Switzerland’s capital city. If your family is considering living abroad, Berne is a premier location for an expat experience. An international center for business and diplomacy, Berne has old-world charm coupled with a contemporary and sophisticated city life. The selection of gourmet foods in just the average neighborhood grocery store is almost overwhelming. I have undertaken a great deal of international travel, and I find the transportation infrastructure here to be one of the finest that I’ve ever seen. Berne’s clean, safe trams and trains connect not only the city, but provide easy access to the rest of Europe as well.

One thing that struck me as I was walking around the downtown shops is how many places there are that sell outdoor gear. To live in Switzerland is to have access to mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, and rivers that are as breathtaking as they are abundant and near-by. Iconic Swiss ski resorts are a short distance from the city.

Switzerland is also, of course, known for it’s prestigious private schools. If you are contemplating a career move to the area, we invite you to look at the International Baccalaureate diploma programme at the International School of Berne. To inquire about the world-class pre-K through 12th grade education at ISBerne, submit the inquiry form below:

One Comment on “Berne, Switzerland: a great place to learn, work, and play”

  1. We should all be so lucky ,,, To have opportunities as this ,,I’m not jealous ,,I’m not angry ,, I just ask why is it so important ,That the world revolve around a few certain people ,,,and not around us all,, do we not eat sleep and dream as each other,, Then why are some more important then others,,,

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