Thoughts from Students

I have the great privilege of sharing two pieces of poetry from Grade 7. Their perceptions of their world (of school and the wider world) demonstrate a level of introspection and reflection that I would struggle to find in many adults. Oliver and Abby, the authors, were kind enough to authorize their poems to be shared with our school community. I ask that you read them and perhaps, put yourselves in the shoes of a teenager living in 2015. We would all like to thank these students for being brave enough to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with the wider community.

Scott Jackson
Principal, ISBerne

Just Think
by Oliver Robertson
Grade 7

The bell rings
out to play they go
again the boy stands there alone
but no one knows his woe
he prays they’ll leave him ‘lone t’day
If only he could stay out their way

too scared to ask for help
he suffers by himself
they call him hurtful names
it’s not good for his health
he prays they’ll leave him ‘lone t’day
if only he could stay out their way

it’s not a good day
they are at school
he receives a piercing blow to head
all against school rules
he prays they’ll leave him ‘lone t’day
if only he could stay out their way

they take his dinner money
he doesn’t dare cry
he suffers in silence
and just wonders why
he prays they’ll leave him ‘lone t’day
if only he could stay out their way

why do people do this
it’s really unkind
it rips peoples hearts out
and plays with their minds
he prays they’ll leave him ‘lone today
if only he could stay out their way

Express Your Feelings
By Abby Cortez

They say we all have the responsibility to tell humanity,
How we feel and what we see.
Officials ask us what they could do to make the world better for you and for me
Then they treat our thoughts like a lion would a cub and a dog would a puppy.

They say tell the truth, but can we really?
People are put away for what they have to say,
By police who watch us like birds of prey
Ask yourself where would you be
If people weren’t heard, like Mandela and Gandhi?

While opinions on food and games are each to their own,
Opinions on politics are like a war zone.
When you are younger you’re ignored even if you shout.
But people will blossom if we just hear them out.

Step back and think are we really free to say what we please?
What about those in poverty?
Because of how they live they aren’t taken seriously.
People throw their opinions away carelessly.

Your thoughts could be gold on a sliver platter,
But if you’re not wealthy does it really matter?
They look at you like you’re a mad hatter.
They think they’re on top but they still have us to flatter.

People express their ideas everyday,
But no one seems to care about what they have to say.
We all have a brain. Why can’t we use it?
You don’t use it you lose it.
So to now conclude it:
Express yourself ‘cause someone somewhere, could use it!

One Comment on “Thoughts from Students”

  1. Maria Belen Misle says:

    I would like to congratulate Abby and Oliver! The poems are wonderful!!! Meaningfull and very well written. Thanks for sharing!!!

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