Thank you Canton of Berne

We are extremely grateful for the continued support offered to ISBerne by our Canton, demonstrated in such a concrete manner through the financial contribution to our much-needed relocation project. A special thanks to a great many people who, in varying capacities, were instrumental in assisting us over the past several years as we worked towards creating a viable new campus project.

From its very inception as a school in 1961, ISBerne has provided quality education to expatriate families living and working in Switzerland’s capital city. Recognising the importance of providing education to these families, ISBerne has been an integral part of the community of Muri-Guemligen, as well as the canton of Berne, and we are proud of the strong cultural, charitable, sporting, and academic links we have with our hosts.

ISBerne is in a unique position to support the continued success of the region by providing a quality education to the children of 29 embassies and 49 foreign companies. Students of over 50 nationalities currently study at the school, and ISBerne is one of only 240 schools worldwide that offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. With this cantonal support, ISBerne will now be in a position to continue this service and advance it to the next modern level for future generations.

Richard Swart
Director, ISBerne

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