About ISBerne

ISBerne LogoISBerne is a full-time, fully accredited international day school serving students in grades pre-K through 12.  ISBerne is a member of the European Council of International Schools, and since 1991, has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization giving parents and families the choice to access the highly respected IB Diploma Programmes and curriculum.  ISBerne is also an innovative developer of distance-based learning through its new online high school, ISBerne Online, and as one of four schools globally participating in the IB Open World Schools Project, an initiative providing IB courses online.  ISBerne AG is a member of the K12 Inc education group, (NYSE: LRN), the largest provider of proprietary curriculum and online education programs in the United States and around the world.

Website: http://www.isberne.ch/

2 Comments on “About ISBerne”

  1. Richard D. Wechner says:

    As a recently retired President of a private U.S. college and of Swiss ancestry, I found the ISBerne social media project of particular interest. I look forward to future blogs and learning more about the students in this project. Social media is no longer the future – it is now. I commend the project and the knowledge the students will take with them in their future. Congratulations for your progressive thinking and school.

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