Street kid, for a day.

“He stood there playing the violin with an orange hat for collecting money. Standing in the streets with his fingers half frozen, the young lad continued his efforts to make small amounts money. Most of the people passed him by, without giving the slightest amount of attention to the poster he had lying at his side. Had they read it, they would see that the lad himself was not actually homeless, he was collecting money for kids elsewhere in the world who were.” 
This was the scenario that many people saw in the centre of Bern on Wednesday, 20th November, when the 11th and 12th grade CAS students made their way into down-town Berne in order to raise funds and awareness for Terre des Hommes, an NGO that supports children’s rights. In a guise as street children themselves, they collected donations by busking and selling baked goods as part of a Switzerland-wide event involving thousands of school children in over 100 locations (Strassenkind für einen Tag).
photo (1)“It was great playing on the streets, but the cold really made it nigh on impossible to play well. Eventually, I made CHF 12 for my efforts. I had also made some cupcakes the night before, and they were selling quite well! The money will go to helping children get an education and enter universities. Therefore, not only am I helping some kids fulfill their dreams, but I might also be doing the world a favour, as one of the kids could possibly make a great contribution to technology or science.”
– Matreya Ward (Grade 12)
The group as a whole was extremely successful, raising 1627.50CHF in the span of four hours! This money will go a long way towards helping exploited children around the world gain access to education.

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