The ISBerne 2013 Graduation/ Mattenhof-Gümligen, May 31

DSC_1664The ISBerne 2013 Graduation was held this past Friday at  Mattenhofsaal. The graduating class was introduced by Dr. Eric Mace-Tessler, and diplomas were presented by ISBerne Director Wayne Haugen and Deputy Director/ Secondary School Principal Tobin Bechtel. The keynote address was given by Bruce Davis, Executive VP of Worldwide Business Development for K12, who highlighted the opportunity this group has been handed and their obligations as a result. There is a cell phone video of his address below. Twenty three graduates – and a lot of delighted parents, grandparents and friends were in attendance.  They are headed off to a “who’s who” of post-secondary institutions.  A very impressive collection of high performing students whose positive peer pressure has extracted the best from each individual.

One Comment on “The ISBerne 2013 Graduation/ Mattenhof-Gümligen, May 31”

  1. Congratulations graduates.
    Richard Wechner, Retired College President, North Carolina, USA

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